Benefits of Pilates

Benefits of Pilates

The creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates has now been dead for over 40 years and the demand for his exercise program has never been greater.

Pilates creates body awareness. The focus is on precise movements coupled with steady breathing. All of this required attention changes ones awareness. You learn to train your mind and build symmetry and coordination in the body.

Pilates teaches a person how to strengthen the core of their body and this core strength helps radiate strength throughout the entire body and its extremities.

A stronger core does not necessarily mean flat abs. But the core strength will give your muscles the work they need to further your exercises and create those flatter abs.

You will definitely begin to trim the body down and that will in turn cause a flatter mid section. Pilates will shift your shape, but it ma not change your body without added exercises. A flexible muscle is a stronger muscle.

Another benefit of Pilates is body control. Pilates teaches you how to move and achieve the all important body symmetry. Pilates works the entire body into synergy and that is how we should be moving on a daily basis.

In case you are not quite convinced here are some benefits that you will reap by doing Pilates workouts.

– A wholesome mind-body workout

– When you do Pilates, your mind becomes tuned in with your body. Are become acutely aware of where your body is in space, how it feels and how you will control its movement.

With Pilates you are looking for quality movements, not quantity. Proper breathing is essential and when done properly it can be a great stress reducer.

– Gain long, lean muscles as well as flexibility

– When doing a conventional workout, you tend to build bulky, short muscles. With Pilates muscle elasticity as well as joint mobility is improved. There is less of a chance for an injury to occur.

– Develop a strong core

– The -core- or -powerhouse- consists of deep abdominal muscles along with some of the other muscles that are closest to the spine.

– Develop an evenly conditioned body

– With regular workouts, weak muscles will only tend to weaken and the strong muscles will get stronger. This results in muscular imbalance which is a primary cause of chronic back pain and of injury.

With Pilates, your bodys’ entire musculature is evenly conditioned and balanced.

– Learn efficient patterns of motion

– The Pilates exercises concentrate on training several muscle groups at once while making smooth, continuous movements. If you develop the proper technique, you can retrain your body to more in safer and more efficient patterns of motion.

These are just several of the benefits that you will receive by doing Pilates exercises using proper techniques.