Best Principles of Pilates

Best Principles of Pilates

Joseph Pilates was the creator of all the Pilates exercises. He started his technique as a philosophical and theoretical foundation.  The exercises are not just a collection of exercises but as a method that was developed and figured out over move than eighty years of use and close observation.

The main principles of centering, concentration and control are about Pilates.

You will also have better breathing, precision, and flow.  It is very similar to yoga.  There are some basic principles of Pilates.

One type of principle is mind over matter.  The central part of Pilates is to make a fusion of mind over body.  You should not have to think about it because the body will move with grace and balance.

The end impact is a great union of your mind and body.  Many practicing people will believe that using the body to its full advantage and making the most of strength is most important part.  You will want to correct your weaknesses and balance your body from the inside out.

Breathing is the most important part of Pilates.

It will circulate the blood so that it will get the cells in the body awake.  They can then take away the waste that is found to make you tired.  For the blood to do what it is intended to do, it needs to be maintained and full of oxygen.

You will need to center your body and have full concentration in Pilates.

You need to use your abdomen, lower back, buttocks and hips for this movement.  It is known as the powerhouse.  This is where all of your energy is going to come out and flow to your limbs.

Concentration is important too because you need to keep your focus.

Anyone just starting with Pilates need to have complete focus.  You need to pay attention to your body and build on the fragile and small movements that control breathing.  You will find that control and precision are also important.  Each movement that you make is going to serve a purpose in Pilates.