The Meaning of Pilates

The Meaning of Pilates

Pilates is a way of conditioning the body and building strength, flexibility, and coordination with endurance without putting any extra bulk on your body.

Pilates will also help your circulation and get your blood flowing to every cell of the body.

You will also find that it can sculpt the body and give you strength to your powerhouse otherwise known as the core.

Anyone that does their Pilates on a regular basis will be less likely to have injuries and have better posture as well as better health.

Joseph H. Pilates founded Pilates and was born in Germany.

He was fragile when he was a child and always had illnesses.

So that he could be stronger and have better health, he played different sports and become a great athlete.  He also served as a nurse in WWI when he was in Great Britain.

There, he designed exercises and equipment that would help soldiers that were injured.

Pilates was also made into a series of exercises that would be used with a mat that focuses on the torso.  These exercise techniques were based on different method from all over the world. They would also include Chinese martial arts and even yoga.

Joseph Pilates thought that mental and physical health was connected. This exercise program that he invented was made with principles to help support his thoughts.

They would include concentration, control and movements that flowed into the body with the right breathing.

There are two types of Pilates.

You can focus on the mat exercises or you can use the machines to help you put strength and more body tone into the way that you look and feel.