Using Pilates for Rehabilitation

Using Pilates for Rehabilitation

Using Pilates for Rehabilitation

It is noted that due to the low impact of the Pilates system, it can be used for rehabilitation.

There are going to be limitations of course and you will probably not see anyone with a broken bone in front of their TV doing Pilates.

It is very important for anyone who wants to do a program like Pilates while rehabilitating from an injury will need to have the approval of their physician.

It is very crucial that a person go to a professional instructor to prevent damage from further injuries happening.

Joseph Pilates started the system of exercises as a form of rehabilitation and conditioning to help improve health overall.

When he was a child he was always sick with rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever.  During WWI Joseph Pilates continued to develop and use their work to help the rehabilitation of wounded war veterans.

Many of the medical professionals today found the benefits and therapeutic potential of their systems and many of the hospitals and clinics now offer Pilates as a form of their rehabilitation training methods.

The exercises are very helpful to patients who are hurt or challenged physically.  Pilates helps to balance and strength the pelvis, hips and lower back to support the deeper muscles.

The exercises of Pilates will help to prevent injuries and lower the problems from preexisting conditions.

Pilates has also proven to be effective in the treatment of sharp and chronic back pain, osteoporosis, sports injuries and auto and work related injuries.  Some will also find relief from head injuries and scoliosis.

Pilates has also made a huge contribution to rehab by helping doctors to effectively identify and develop the movement of a patient.  Any patient that is confined to a wheelchair may find that they can develop a good amount of core strength and give them good overall health.