Basic HTML Tags

Basic HTML Tags

Basic HTML Tags.

With HTML this is the markup language that you will find when using web pages.

This is how the information needs to be displayed on your computer. You’ll need to learn how to write HTML codes so that you can design websites. You’ll find that there are a lot of HTML tags that beginners will need to learn in order to become familiar with the internet and the language of web sites.

For those who use <HTML></HTML> – this is the opening tags that you will need in order to start web page design.

Then there is the <HEAD></HEAD> tag that is located after <HTML> tag. This can contain things like META tags and style sheets, as well as, Java Scripts.

With <TITLE></TITLE> tag you will find them in the HEAD tags and this is where the title of the web page is placed.

As for <BODY></BODY> tag it is where you place the body of the website. This is where you will write your blogs or it will be the main purpose to the website.

<EM></EM> tag helps place emphasis. It can be replaced with <I></I> tags (this will place italicized text).

If you would like things to be bold and stand out you’ll need to use the <STRONG></STRONG> tag.

The headers are <H1></H1> to <H6></H6> and it will allow text within any of these tags seem larger or smaller then normal. It will place an emphasis on the topic.

<P></P> tag stands for a paragraph. You’ll find that this will appear anywhere you break in text.